The Stop & Search Complaints Clinic

If you feel that you have been mistreated during a Stop & Search by a Police Officer, you can make an official complaint. An official complaint can result in disciplinary action against the Officer. In some cases, a claim for compensation for things such as physical injury can be made.

Many people do not make official complaints about Stop & Search, this can be because -

  • They are intimidated and a bit scared of complaining against the Police
  • They do not feel confident filling out the complaint form
  • They do not feel their complaint will be taken seriously
  • They are not sure about their legal rights

All of these reasons are common and understandable, but not giving feedback or making an official complaint about negative Stop & Search experiences, allows poor behavior to continue

This is why the international law firm Dechert LLP has launched The Stop & Search Complaints Clinic. With the help of Stop & Search App C.I.C, Islington Law Centre, BPP Law School and LawWorks, this scheme has been set up to make it easier for victims of inappropriate Stop & Search to get the support they need. The clinic will give victims of inappropriate Stop & Search legal advice and support from professionally trained lawyers to assist them in making a valid complaint.

To make an appointment for The Stop & Search Complaints Legal Advice Clinic, call 03300 603 499 (calls are charged at standard landline rates), or drop into the Clinic on the third Tuesday of each month between 5-7pm at the Islington Law Centre, 38 Devonia Road, London N1 8JH.

The first clinic will be on Tuesday 16th June from 5pm to 7pm at Islington Law Centre.