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Online games are taking new shapes and forms in the modern era with new and latest technologies. Metaverse is one such type of technology that is changing the world of the internet or gaming into a new form. This technology has come from two Greek words ‘Meta’ and ‘Verse’ which means ‘Beyond’ and ‘Universe’. It means it refers to the artificial world.

The term “metaverse” refers to a collection of technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and many others, that enable users to live entirely online.

Users will be able to host dinner parties, celebrate birthdays, tour the world, and perform any other task we can think of while playing games together and earning money. For that purpose there Top Metaverse Games to play in 2022 are developing day by day.

As users move through an ecosystem of competing brands, the Metaverse effortlessly combines gaming, virtual reality, live streaming, cryptocurrencies, and social networking. For instance, a player who purchases a piece of digital art from one game created by one firm may use that same item in a separate game created by a different company.

There are no pauses, game-overs, or resets in the metaverse, in contrast to more prevalent digital games nowadays. Furthermore, seamless experiences, including 360-degree views of the digital environment, are made possible by quick internet connections and potent virtual reality headsets. Gloves and coats with VR technology provide a physical sense of touch.

Top Metaverse Games 2022

The concept of Metaverse technology is new for most gamers. Let us discuss popular metaverse games in 2022 with pros and cons.

Below contains top metaverse games to play in 2022

1. Sandbox

Developer: PIXOWL INC

Release Date: May 15, 2012

Genres: Sandbox, Open world, Indie game, Casual game, nonlinear gameplay, Simulation, Strategy

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS

Among other Top Metaverse games to play in 2022, Sandbox is a Metaverse game that has gained popularity very quickly and is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Players can create and market their own virtual experiences in Sandbox’s virtual environment.

Another top Metaverse game that provides players with a virtual piece of land in the form of NFTs is Sandbox. Players can look over the virtual map, select a piece of land they think they ought to own, and purchase it using their cryptocurrency wallet.

The game’s official money, Sand, can also be used to browse and purchase products from the virtual market.

2.Axie Infinity

Developer: Sky Mavis

Release Date: March 2018

Genres: Online game, Strategy Video Game

Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Another game on the list of Top Metaverse games to play in 2022 is Axie Infinity. Players purchase, breed, and engage in combat with the game’s main characters, called “Axis,” in the Ethereum-based Axie Infinity.

As part of the procedure, various Axis must be gathered, pitted against one another, and even given a kingdom to live in.The SLP and AXS metaverse coins, which function as in-game tokens and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, constitute the foundation of the game.

When you purchase a new Axis, engage in battles or adventures, and do other gaming activities, you can use these tokens to trade and earn in the game. You must have AXS 3 or later to play the game.


Developer: Decentraland Foundation, community

Release Date: February 20, 2020

Genres: Strategy Video Game

Platform: the Ethereum blockchain

Decentraland must have been mentioned throughout your NFT or top metaverse game investigation. This is one of the top play-to-win real estate NFT games available.

It was the first game to let players use bitcoin to purchase metaverse land and control what they wanted to do with their plots. However, as demand has surged, buying land has grown more and more challenging.

Decentraland’s popularity is mostly because it is simpler than other play-to-earn games. It enables gamers to profit from their innovation. Additionally, it enables the production of in-game goods that may be exchanged for cash.

4.Illuvium (ILV)

Developer: Kieran Warwick, game designer Aaron Warwick, and art director Grant Warwick

Release Date: December 2021

Genres: Blockchain-based game

Platform:  Mac or Windows

Another top metaverse game Illuvium was created using the Ethereum Blockchain. You can play the game and discover its wide globe while capturing strong “Illuvials.” The game has one of the greatest market valuations in the Metaverse and incredible potential even though it hasn’t been released yet.

Illuvium gameplay has been showcased in snippets by the developers, and so far, it has been nothing short of extraordinary. Impressive graphics, a vibrant setting, and fluid gameplay are all present.

How good Illuvium will be will only become clear with time. However, if the footage is accurate, the game might end up being the best in the Metaverse.


Developer: Nicolas Julia, Adrien Montfort

Release Date: 2019

Genres: Trading Card, Sports Video Game, Simulation Game

Platform: Android, Mac

Are you a sports fan? Do you play FIFA 21 on your console the majority of the time? The greatest play-to-earn game for you to play if you want to become used to the metaverse is Sorare.

In this game, you can use real money to assemble your team. As a result, it differs greatly from fantasy football.

With Sorare, one can purchase a pack of cards that are typically based on real players using real money in the form of cryptocurrency. It supports more than 200 authorized clubs throughout the world, providing you with numerous possibilities.

Keep in mind that these cards range in rarity from Limited to Unique and depend on the player you choose once you have chosen them. Therefore, the player’s performance affects how many points you receive on a particular card.


Developer: Epic Games, People Can Fly

Release Date: July 21, 2017

Genres: Survival, ‎battle royal‎, ‎sandbox

Platform: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nintendo Switch, GeForce Now

You must be familiar with Fortnite from Epic Games which is also a part of Top metaverse games to play in 2022. This wildly popular game, which originally functioned as a Battle Royale, has since changed into a gateway into Metaverse gaming.

Fortnite has gradually evolved into a game that can both be played and enjoyed. A lot has been introduced, from making a black hole to adding limited Fortnite Impostors. The biggest venture into the Metaverse, though, has been the entirety of live performances that have taken place inside of Fortnite.

If you’ve played Fortnite before, chances are you’ve seen Travis Scott perform live or even when Marshmello appeared in the game. These kinds of things are gradually converting the game into a Metaverse.

Players participate in events like these using their drop-in characters to play, communicate with other players, and play games. Want to be even more interesting? Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, recently discussed the Metaverse and described it as a multi-trillion dollar possibility.


Developer: Roblox Corporation

Release Date: Windows (September 1, 2006), IOS (Dec 11, 2012), Android (July 16, 2014), Xbox One (Nov 20, 2015)

Genres: Game creation system, massively multiplayer online

Platform: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Xbox One

Another game on the list of Top Metaverse Games to Play in 2022 is Roblox. This gaming platform has recently experienced an explosion in popularity and is still where millions of people spend their spare time.

Users of Roblox can design their block-sized characters and participate in a huge selection of games. More than 500,000 games that are broken down into different categories may be found on Roblox.

There are many games available, ranging from action-packed to the most terrifying Horror games on Roblox. Additionally, there are specific Roblox servers where players may assemble and roleplay various characters from the game. You can virtually marry someone, live as a family, and own your own Roblox home.

8.Rec Room

Developer: Rec Room Inc., Rec Room

Release Date: June 2016

Genres: Shooter Video Game, Racing Video Game, Free-to-play

Platform: PlayStation 4, Android, Meta Quest 2, Oculus Quest, etc

Another community-based Metaverse game with lots of variation is Rec Room. Players can put on an avatar and play as a Rec Roomer, much as in previous Metaverse games.

Gamers congregate in the fully virtual world of Rec Room to interact and socialize Rec Room adds even more gamification to the genre while including features of VRChat.

Rec Roomers can play a huge variety of games that can be made by the entire community in addition to simply hanging out with one another.

There are millions of player-made rooms in the game, and you can add more if you like. You can further personalize your avatar, much like in VRChat.

Rec Room may be played on virtually any platform, which is its best feature. Rec Room may therefore be downloaded and played with any participant on any platform, whether they are using a mobile device, a PC, or even a VR headset.

Wrapping Up

That’s all! These are some of the top metaverse games to play in 2022. You’ll have the option to make money while you play. Since the entire idea behind gaming is to have fun and unwind, make sure you choose the most intriguing game.

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