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You ever wondered how a character behaves just like an actual human in your PUBG? It cannot just fight with guns and grenades but can pick up loot, dance, and thanks to the new Cheer park addition, your character can enjoy leisure hours with friends by sitting idly.

Or have you ever wondered how Khaleesi got three giant dragons while dragons do not even exist in the real world? She trained, fed, and even rid them in the sequel Game of Thrones. But, how?

With the world being revolutionized and technology being drastically advanced, today, we can create 3D characters that behave like real beings.

Is it worth it?

3D modeling is a vital part of many creative designers and modelers. It can be used by engineers and architects to plan and design their work. Every Hollywood animation movie and a blockbuster cinematic experience or a world-class gaming application are a work of art of 3D character sketching and modeling. Due to the high demand for 3D modeling services, the industry is increasing exponentially.

How can you create 3D Characters

This 3D character creation assists in all fashion 3D character modeling, starting from a mere perception to a final realistically rendered model. You can create 3D objects automatically or manually by deforming the mesh or manipulating vertices.

3D characters can be created by the software. You can use them in various mediums such as video games, movies, architecture, illustration, engineering, and commercial advertising.

Let’s get a glance over some popular software for the creation of 3D Characters.

1. Daz Studio

Daz Studio helps you to create exclusive digital art and animations using virtual characters like humans, environments, props, animals, and more for free. You have to pick up the subject, adjust the settings, add accessories, and fix the lighting.

It is a 3D marketplace and free software suite where 3D artists and designers can create high-resolution 3D stills and animations while building professional quality 3D scenes. You can create rendered images quickly and with a very realistic feel if you combine these technologies with Nvidia Iray render engine option

It complies with a couple of different technologies, i.e., dForce is a physics technology that simulates hair movement or Genesis 8, the latest figure platform, which received numerous improvements that increased its versatility.

2.  MakeHuman

MakeHuman is an application with which you can build 3D human models with the help of given editing tools. There can be added various characteristics to them so that you can use them in animations or video games.

It must be noted that several textures and complex pieces of software are needed to be installed, the installation is a bit lengthy, and it might take a while. But you’ll be pleased to know that the interface is extremely beginner-friendly. It’s pretty intuitive and somewhat minimalistic, too.
The interface has some fantastic deep editing tools for a more artistic touch. The gender, age of the model, weight, and height can be adjusted according to your need. This software can adjust the details such as eyebrow characteristics, chin details, clothing, facial expressions, and some other details. There will also be accessories and other tools you can use.

3. Maya

Maya is the 3D modeling software developed by Autodesk for 3D animation, 3D modeling, simulation, and rendering equipped with a collective and robust toolset. It can be used to create 3D assets in film, television, and game programs.

Maya offers unique features like VFX effects, animations creation using Time Editor, and observing changes in scenes in real-time by Arnold RenderView that includes lights, materials, and camera

Additionally, the motion graphics toolset can help create complicated routine matters.

The software also allows you to design and edit UVs collaboratively using the UV toolset. Some other exciting features may include responsive performance, cached playback, and an attractive working environment.

4. Blender

Blender comes in handy if you look for a much enhanced and equipped 3D character creation software. It is free and open-source software and allows you multiple features like rigging, game character creation, modeling, rendering, video editing, and a lot more.

Its powerful rigging system is a perfect tool for making TV commercials, TV series, and short films. For a user-friendly experience, it is provided with an integrated path-tracking engine, Cycles, that helps users easily create, change, and edit the models.

Moreover, its camera offers object tracing, allowing users to import raw footage, track it, cover different areas, and view the live camera shifts with 3D visuals.

Users can even draw on the 3D viewport offering unparalleled workflow liberty, especially for 2D designers and storyboarders. It features a Python-based interface and a flexible layout.

5. ZBrush

ZBrush is an advanced software developed by Pixologic that provides digital sculpting by customizable and easy-to-use brushes that help shape, create, and texture, and paints virtual clay. ZBrush will allow you to be creative with digital illustrations and digital painting with your 3D characters.

Project Primitive is the distinctive feature provided by ZBrush, which transforms several pieces of geometry in one place in a new way.
It is all simulated in a real-time environment that offers immediate feedback. The software offers the same tools as game developers, jewelry designers, illustrators and artists worldwide, film studios, and more.

It offers unique features like Project Primitive and Polygroupit, which help blend several pieces of geometry in one place in a new way, and the latter helps create the polygon groupings crucial for the smooth process. Sculptris Pro allows users to easily brush across the surface to induce or deduce a polygon.

6. Poser

Poser is one of the best 3D creator software loaded with tools to create moveable figures and embellished them with adjustable features like 3D human figures, eyes, hairs, clothing, props, and lighting. Also, it helps to create 3D animations that can run, walk, and dance just like a human.

The salient feature of this software includes transforming images into photorealistic visuals and videos, which can be used in films, webs, and prints. This tool helps to form realistic human figures and to dress them accordingly.

7. iClone

iClone is the latest 3D creation software integrated with real-time technologies, enabling you to create animations for films, previz, animation, video games, content development, education, and art. You can work on facial expressions and body gestures just like professionals.

The features offered by this software include character animation, facial animation, character generation, professional animation, scene & prop, lighting adjustments, rear camera system, superb real-time visuals, material generation, content resources, video compositing, import & export, and extending iClone with Python API.

8. Adobe Fuse CC

Adobe Fuse CC is a distinctive software for 3D creation to enable you to manage your creative cloud apps and services, assemble your human characters, and quickly create unique human characters using a library of high-quality 3D content consisting of faces, bodies, clothing, and textures with easy to use interface.

Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) is a 3D modeling app with which you can adjust the color, texture, and shape of over 280 characteristics, including hair, eyewear, and clothing fabric, to achieve the desired look.

When you change the size and proportion of the character’s body, the clothing and other attributes adjust automatically. When your 3D character is ready, you can save it to your Creative Cloud Libraries and then pose and animate it inside Photoshop CC.

9. Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is an intuitive software solution for 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering. It has an extensive library of fast, powerful, flexible, and stable toolsets that make 3D animations more effective and efficient for design, motion graphics, VFX, AR/MR/VR, game development, and all types of visualization professionals.

The intriguing features include capturing 3D models with moves by Maxon, track modifier tag, user interface enhancements, capsules, spline import, polygon modeling, parametric modeling, sculpting, texturing, and a lot more.

10. 3ds Max

3ds Max is one of the latest and finest 3d animation creators with which you can create considerable worlds in games, visualize premium quality architectural renderings, create finely detailed interiors and objects, transform characters and features to life with animation, and VFX.

3ds Max lets you save time with more centralized creative tools and accessible controls that can scale your workflow automatically, thus, allowing you to spend more time on creativity. It helps you boost your workflows with accessible APIs and let you create premium quality animations with ease and convenience.

11. Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a 3D creation software that allows you to experience cloud-based 3D modeling, CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB features. It helps you simulate equipment with precise features and design.

It includes 3D design and modeling, manufacturing, electronics, data management, collaboration, generative designs, simulation, and documentation. It ensures the production of engineering tools and equipment with great precision and adds electronic intelligence using the Schematic design, PCB Layout, and routing capabilities.

It helps you connect your teams and external stakeholders, communicate in real-time, and centralize project activity. Additionally, simulate your products digitally, reducing the cost of prototyping by using fully-validated solvers.

12. Houdini Apprentice

Houdini Apprentice is a free version proposed by Houdini F. Students, artists, and hobbyists to create flexible node-based workflow provided with intuitive artist-friendly tools, VFX and simulation, shots and multiple iterations, powerful pipeline in a box, and robust asset creation tools.

Houdini Apprentice is one of the most widely used software by students to work on their projects and assignments to learn the concepts of 3D modeling, sculpting, and 3D animations.

13. Rocket 3F

Rocket 3F is 3D creation software that enables you to experience many features, including sculpting, better handling with hard-edge objects, and polygon creation with a unique way to manage objects.

Rocket 3F, by default, provides four inspiring themes, but you can create your themes. It has a unique workflow, and you can perform all operations only with mouse buttons. Also, it provides a push/pull technique and a crease tool with which you can get control over edges without hassle,

It can draw complex retopology and is provided with Materials or Mataps.


3D character creation is purely dependent upon an artist’s skills and intuitional technique. The more artistic and creative a person is with their imagination, the better outcome they can have with 3D modeling. However, the software adds to your imaginative capabilities to transform them into reality. Some of them can be used by beginners like students, and some are for skilled professionals.

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